It’s the new buzzword – virtual. From meetings to birthday parties, church services to even weddings, virtual events are here to stay. And no this isn’t the type of virtual that makes you scream and jump with bulky gadgets over your eyes, this ‘virtual’ is for your safety. 

Since the start of the pandemic, the world has transitioned to remote events as a means to limit the spread of COVID-19. As with other events worldwide, charity race organizers have also introduced virtual races to allow individuals to participate and contribute to the cause – even from a distance.

Two years ago, the Sagicor Foundation announced a virtual element to its widely supported Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run – the largest road race in the Caribbean – to give individuals at home and abroad an opportunity to participate in the charity race.

Sagicor expanded its virtual run last year as a response to the pandemic and encouraged people near and far to continue to run for a cause. This year, though we do miss the 26,000 patrons flocking the streets of New Kingston on race morning, we’ll again be running for a cause, remotely – a virtual run.

But what is a virtual race? It is virtually (see what I did there) the same as any other race but the difference is that you can participate from any location of your choosing – whether on the treadmill at your favourite gym or in your community at the football field. You also have control over the time and pace of your race.

There is no official start line; no start gun; no risk of becoming infected with COVID-19. As soon as you register, the reigns are handed over to you. Take charge of your race, you’re in control!

So this year, join us (virtually); Run you 5.5km and upload your finishing time. Together or apart, we continue to run for a cause. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1.  Step 1: Visit sigmarun.com and register for the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run
  2. Step 2: Run your own race and submit your results online
  3. Step 3: Collect your medal. You did it!

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