The largest road race in the Caribbean region was held under the patronage of Olympian Yohan Blake, Father Ho Lung and Tessanne Chin. The Bethlehem Home received over $22 Million in renovation, refurbishing and repairs, including equipment and a 14 seater bus to better support the mission of the Children’s Home. The Spanish Town Hospital Special Care Unit received medical equipment valued at over $14 Million, while the Mandeville Regional Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit received over $8 Million worth of medical equipment. Most notably is that the Spanish Town Hospital Special Care Unit received their first ventilator as part of the donation. A special feature of the 2017 Sigma Run was the ‘Donate a $100 Day’ initiative made possible through Generosity.com, which allowed persons to donate to the cause from anywhere in the world.

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In a sprint across the finish line that would make any participant in the forthcoming Sagicor Sigma run proud, Securys has been announced as a…