Securys  races in as Sagicor Sigma Honour Run Platinum Sponsor for 2024!

In a sprint across the finish line that would make any participant in the forthcoming Sagicor Sigma run proud, Securys has been announced as a platinum sponsor for the forthcoming race on the 18 February 2024.

No stranger to the island, Securys is a leading global personal data protection consultancy that currently provides specialist personal data protection services to a diverse range of clients across Jamaica and elsewhere in the Caribbean (as well as other parts of the world), with Sagicor being amongst its current clients.

Jamaica’s Data Protection Act came into effect in December 2023. This Act requires businesses that process personal data to ensure the safety of it. Personal data privacy and protection refer to how organisations use, manage and protect the personal information we share with them to, for example, take out an insurance policy, set up a bank account or register for a run.

In the lead up to the Data Protection Act being enacted last December, a team from Securys was working with Sagicor Jamaica to help the company prepare and be ready to meet the requirements of this new piece of legislation. 

As the deadline for the new data protection legislation loomed so too did preparations for the launch of the Sagicor Sigma Honour Run 2024.

Working as trusted partner brings awareness of the Sagicor Sigma Run

It was this relationship as trusted partner to Sagicor that awareness of the significance of the Sagicor Sigma Run came to the attention of Ben Rapp and Sara Newman, the founders of Securys and now regular visitors to Jamaica.

When asked about coming on board as a platinum sponsor for this year’s Sigma Honour run, Ben Rapp stated,

“As a business, we have a tradition of supporting charities through a mix of financial donations and pro bono work. Given our plans to open a branch in the Caribbean, becoming a platinum sponsor for the Sagicor Sigma Run sounded like the ideal way to do something that would have an immediate impact in Jamaica and further support our presence in the Caribbean ecosystem; we hope that our investment and commitment to the country and to the region will help to cement this agenda and increase the competitiveness of Jamaica and the Caribbean as a whole on the world stage.”

Sara Newman, who will be cheering on the runners on Race Day from the finish line, added,

“This is an exciting time for Securys. We are 10 years old this summer and our expansion into Jamaica is a lovely way to celebrate this milestone. During our first 10 years, we have provided privacy support to numerous organizations, around the world.  We have learnt how to provide practical solutions to privacy legislation that enable businesses to achieve their objectives whilst also protecting the personal data of their clients and employees. We understand that any new legislation such as the Jamaican Privacy Act can be daunting, but we have real-world experience to make sure resources are used in the right places. To our mind, being as compliant as possible with data privacy regulations is more than just a legal requirement, it is a fundamental human right that builds trust with clients and employees.”

Members of the Securys team are taking part in the race on Sunday 18 February and we wish them and all the other participants the very best of luck.

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