Interesting Facts About KPH

By now you know that the Kingston Public Hospital is the beneficiary of the 24th Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run; And we are excited to get things going for the institution. 

KPH has been a dominant organisation within our health care system and has helped millions of Jamaicans for many years. But apart from this fact, how well do you know the history of KPH? 

For many of us, our knowledge of KPH is painted with our relationship to someone who was once admitted, knowing a person who works there or through the stories we hear or read in the media. That my friend, is not all there is to know. The KPH has a rich history; trust me, if the walls of this hospital could talk, the stories they would tell.  

In this article, we highlight some interesting facts about the historic medical facility and share insight into KPH in a past life. Here are the facts:

  • It is the oldest hospital in Jamaica. The hospital was opened long before Emancipation on December 14, 1776. This means the hospital has stood with Jamaicans through 246 years – that is two centuries and some years!
  • It is Jamaica’s first public health institution. KPH was the first established public health institution on the island. 
  • It is the largest multidisciplinary, government-operated health service. It is also the largest trauma centre in the public health system and the largest regional general health care facility in the English-speaking Caribbean.
  • It was once a mental asylum. KPH was initially designed as an almshouse as well as a hospital and later became a mental asylum. The asylum was relocated to Rae Town, St. Andrew in 1850.
  • It was originally located at the corner of East and North Street. There, the land equipped with a small hospital for slaves was converted into a male hospital and an old slave yard converted into a female ward. 

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